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3 Reasons Why Your Tenancy Applications May Have Been Rejected

The rental property market can be a tough place to enter with limited information and awareness. Missing out on that rental property may suggest a lack of these critical details in your tenancy application.

1. Your Credit Report

Property managers and landlords have the ability to file a credit report if provided references are insufficient. Your credit rating may be used to make assumptions and inferences about your character. Bear this in mind not only when you're filing a tenancy application, but when you’re going to put your next large purchase on credit. Consider how this will impact your credit health. If you’re concerned, consider seeking third party advice - like from your bank - as to how you can improve your credit.

2. You Weren’t Punctual Enough

Property managers typically process applications as soon as possible. Submitting your tenancy application close to or after a deadline puts you at the back of the line. Especially when the market is as competitive as it is right now.

3. You Didn’t Go The Extra Mile

When completing the required fields in your application, if you simply answer with the bare minimum - or worse, leave fields blank - you’re doing yourself a disservice and making others look more favourable.

Consider a cover letter to accompany your application. Address the landlord by name, provide an introduction and some background information to ultimately set your application apart from the crowd.

Or better still, get on the Property Manager’s radar before there are any active listings to keep you front of mind next time what you’re looking for might crop up. How’s that for being proactive?

Think you’re being overlooked? Get in touch with Maz at Williams Property Solutions to discover how you can make your #application stand out.


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