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New Legislation Affecting Rental Market. Here's How You Can Protect Your Investment Property.

The rising demand for rental properties continues to result in ongoing tenancy law amendments. Allow us to walk you through these changes, and how you can remain a proactive landlord.

Information transparency

It is now a legal requirement for landlords to increase the amount of information provided to tenants. This includes a written tenancy agreement, breakdown of any fees and proof of healthy home standards.

At Williams Property Solutions we’re proactively working with our owners to ensure these records are readily available.

Limited price increases and rental bidding

As of 11 February 2021, the government has tightened landlords' abilities to change rental pricing.

If landlords are interested in rent increases, this is strictly limited to once every twelve months. Additionally, rent prices must be displayed in initial advertisements, while rental auctions are strictly not allowed.

We work with our owners to set accurate rental prices to encourage higher tenancy and occupation rates. If you’re concerned about how to price your rental property competitively and yet still attract high-quality tenants, contact Maz at Williams Property Solutions to book in a call or appointment.

Fixed term tenancies

In short, agreements originally signed as fixed term tenancies will be automatically transferred to periodic tenancies with a few minor exceptions.

Any changes made by landlords require 63 or 90 days notice, depending on the situation. As a landlord, consider and plan changes well ahead of time to cover your back and show courtesy to tenants. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail. (But don’t worry, it’s our job at Williams Property Solutions to help you unpack your contingencies and plan accordingly).

Have some burning questions relating to updates in #tenancylaw? Get in touch with Maz at Williams Property Solutions using the contact form below to put your mind as a property owner at ease.


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