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Signs You're Being Looked After as a Tenant

There’s nothing worse than feeling in the dark as a tenant. If your landlord is doing these things, they’re going over and beyond their legal obligations.

Your Property Manager Has Rapid Communication

Landlords and property managers must maintain clear communication with tenants. While there are no set communication timeframes, understand you’re being taken care of if you receive responses within minutes or hours. Legally, landlords must give at least 24 hours notice before visiting. Extended notice is a bonus.

Your Property Manager Encourages You To Make Maintenance Requests

It is every landlord's duty to organise wear and tear repairs and maintenance of their rental property.

Health and safety of tenants' is truly prioritised if tenants regularly maintain the property before issues occur, and even better, before tenants move in. At Williams Property Solutions, we have made it easier than ever for tenants to complete a form online to identify areas that need reviewing and set the urgency required.

Before a property is put on the market for rent, Williams Property Solutions completes a thorough inspection, subcontracting work to local suppliers to raise the quality of living for prospective tenants. Functioning plumbing? New carpet? That’s the difference with properties managed by Maz; she won’t rent out anything she wouldn’t be satisfied living in herself.

Your Property Manager Is Available

Although the rental property market is much like a business, it is important your property manager treats you fairly and justly. Building a relationship through introductions and small talk will likely establish connections and communication guidelines for all parties.

Strengthen trust by doing rental inspections together. Everyone stays in the loop and any concerns can be addressed as they arise. Not to mention thinking about how easy it is to get in touch with your property manager. If you have to jump through hoops to be heard, that’s a red flag you’re not being looked after as a tenant.

Have some feedback for Maz at Williams Property Solutions? We’d love to hear from you. Please complete the feedback form here to help us improve our service and provide other tenants with helpful insights.


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